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Should You Tip Your Pet Sitter?

by THERESE on DECEMBER 19, 2010


tipping your pet sitter or dog walker, especially during the holidays

Absolutely! If you’re happy with the services your pet sitter offers, then by all means, please leave a tip.

It’s nice to be acknowledged.
Being acknowledged for a job well done makes us feel good. Any gesture you can make to let your pet sitter know how much you appreciate what they’re doing will not be overlooked! The pet sitters I know (and that would be a lot) don’t expect tips or gifts from clients, but they sure do appreciate them. It can make working holidays feel less lonely, and a bit more festive. And it’s not uncommon, after the holidays are over, to see messages on some of the pet sitter forums bragging about the wonderful client who left them a tip, a gift card, or other unexpected treat. More . . . 


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