Experienced and intuitive in-home care for pets of all shapes and sizes. I visit your pet at home for up to three visits per day and give lots of love, attention, and meet their physical needs. I also do small things to make your place look inhabited while you are away like taking in the newspaper and mail, watering plants, lights on/off, and trash/recycle collection.

To see some of the critters I care for,  see my photo album.

The initial visit is free and involves meeting with you and your pet before the job begins. This allows your pet to get to know me and so I can see the routine in person.

Call or Text 541-250-2979 to set up an appointment today! You can also email me here for a quick response.  Local references available.

Book Dog Walking from Purrsnickety Pet Care in Corvallis

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Serving Corvallis, Oregon since 2010.


For an initial quote or to schedule a consultation:


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